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We love the products we sell so much, we wanted to make them more available to those living further afield.

So here we have a small selection of some of our best sellers, alongside our famous hampers. We can offer delivery across the UK. If you want something we sell and can’t find it in our online shop, do get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.

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Please be aware, with regard to postage costs, that all weights given are of the actual contents, and exclude the weight of the jar and any additional packaging.
Hunters of Helmsley Relish is handmade using as many local, British ingredients as possible.
All are priced at £3.50

Chilli Jam
326g (Contents)

Great in stir fry chicken or with
a cheese of your choice.

Quantity :

Carrot Relish
280g (Contents)

Fantastic in Wensleydale cheese
and Granary bread sandwich.

Quantity :

285g (Contents)

Probably the best in Yorkshire! Crunchy, hand-chopped, superb with a ploughman’s lunch.

Quantity :


Beetroot and Orange Relish
319g (Contents)

Handmade using local
allotment beetroot.

Quantity :

Red Onion Relish
315g (Contents)

Caramelised red onions,
perfect with sausages.

Quantity :


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